10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Skam

1. The entire first season revolves around the creation of the coolest girl gang to ever exist.

Yes, that’s right. This is a successful tv show with a plot that not only focuses almost entirely around girl friendships, but shows girls hanging out without their conversations revolving around boys. In so many tv shows before, girl friendships tend to focus on relationships- girls gushing late at night to each other about the boys they like, getting ready for parties where they plan to impress their crush. And as absurd as it might sound, Skam shows girl friendships as they genuinely are. Messy, and imperfect, and important. There are girls who’ve lost friends, girls who just want to belong, girls who will take no shit from any of the boys that try to push them around. The iconic girl gang of season one makes breakfast together, goes camping, takes each other to the doctor. They love and protect each other, and it’s incredibly refreshing to witness girl friendships take shape like this.

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