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13 Facts About Thomas Hayes From “SKAM”

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Here are 13 facts about Thomas Hayes

  • Thomas Hayes was born on 7 March 1997.
  • On Instagram  @thohay, and hayespp on Snapchat.
  • Thomas took the role of William, after his sister had reported him to audition for fun.
  • Thomas stopped in “SKAM” for another season because he wanted to be able to concentrate on other acting projects.
  • He is friends with the Norwegian crown princess’s eldest son, Marius, who also had a small role in “SKAM” (he is in fact with the Williams party in the last paragraph of the second season).
  • Thomas has two sisters.
  • After “SKAM” received great success, Thomas has had to get unlisted number. Fans called for all the time for him under his old number.
  • In addition to “SKAM” should Thomas playing soldier in the new Norwegian series “Elven”.
  • He has dreamed of becoming an actor since he was little.
  • There have been rumors that Thomas has been a girlfriend of singer Astrid S., but he says that they are just friends.
  • Thomas is very interested in music, and it seems that he is about to shoot once in a career as a DJ under the name HAYES (actually goes there already rumors that he will soon come to Denmark and play).
  • Thomas loves football and keeping with the English club Fulham F.C.
  • Thomas has said that his favorite character in the third season of “SKAM” is Isak.

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