Even, Season 4

5 Reasons Even Should Be The Skam Season 4 Main

1. Mental Illness Representation

If you watched any of season 3 of Skam, you know that Even has Bipolar disorder, something he and Isak, the season 3 main and Even’s boyfriend, have to learn to navigate with their relationship. This is one of the few times I’ve seen mental illness covered in a real way– not used as a plot point or secret that distances the character from the others. The way mental illness is discussed here- as something that Even has and not as something which defines him- is so important because teenagers do suffer from these problems and, going off of the majority of TV shows out there, these are problems which will separate them from their friends and render them incapable of any normal relationship. Not so with Skam. Even and Isak get a happy ending, though it took them a while to get there, and seeing the way they continue to work through their relationship is something many want to see.

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