Even, Season 4

5 Reasons Even Should Be The Skam Season 4 Main

4. He’s openly bisexual, a sexuality that doesn’t get the representation it deserves

Film and TV are slowly beginning to get better about providing accurate representation of the world today, but they’ve still got a long way to go. We see quite a few gay male couples these days, but there’s very few lesbian storylines (especially ones that don’t end tragically) and many bisexual characters are still seen as confused or going through a phase (Take The 100’s Clarke, who’s girlfriend Lexa was unnecessarily killed off the show, and is now likely going to end up with Bellamy, the male lead of the show). Even is openly bisexual and no one ever accuses him of being confused or misled in his feelings; his sexuality is accepted as much as Isak coming out as gay is, and that acceptance from other characters is so refreshing to see.

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