Sana, Season 4

Frame by Frame Analysis of Skam Season 4 Released and Reversed Trailers

Season 4 trailer finally got dropped. The main character for Season 4 got revealed and it turned out to be Sana. However, everything that happened in the trailer was intense and riddling. You can watch the trailer HERE. Also, you can watch the reversed version of the trailer HERE.

In the released trailer, there are drops of blood on the floor. These drops of blood come down from Even’s nose. Isak, who stands next to Even, seems to be in the shadow or in a darker angle. As Isak pulls up Even, a selfie stick makes a brief and quick appearance. Eva, who holds a drink in the club, attempts to take some selfies with Chris. Eva countermarches with a smile on her face as pearls go up. Those pearls are a part of Vilde’s necklace. Noora tugs at Vilde’s pearl necklace. Vilde pushes Noora away as a surprised look appears on Noora’s face. Noora countermarches and happens to be besides Sana. Sana gives the side eye and an evil smirk appears on her face.

In the reversed trailer, Sana smiles. The smile on her face starts to fade away, then. A worried look replaces her fading smile. Sana looks around and she is like what the hell is going on. She sees Noora coming and she trips Noora up. Noora is taken aback and tries to hold on to Vilde in order not to fall. Vilde looks dazed while watching Noora fighting against falling. Noora rips off Vilde’s pearl necklace as she tries to bring herself back into balance. Eva, who is unaware of falling pearls, steps on the pearls and loses her balance. As she falls, she splashes her drink on Chris. With splash of drink, Chris loses the control of her selfie stick. The selfie stick hits Even while Isak touches Even’s cheek. Evan’s nose starts to bleed. Even bends down, so does Isak who appears to be in a darker angle. Blood coming from Even’s nose drops on the floor.

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