Sana, Season 4

Frame by Frame Analysis of Skam Season 4 Released and Reversed Trailers

Based on the trailers, two different cases appear: others’ perspective of Sana, and things from Sana’s perspective. In the released trailer, Sana looks like someone who makes a mess of things or who enjoys seeing things getting messed up. On the contrary, in the reversed trailer, Sana seems to be in state of fear because of all the things that have been happening. This can be interpreted as that Sana will be misunderstood for something she does in good faith. Everyone’s actions will be chained to each other’s. Everyone will be connected. Everyone will fall down, when domino effect takes place which will lead to a chaos. Sana will be held responsible for bad things happening. Then, her name will be cleared, when they find out she means well and no harm. In other words, Sana will turn out to be a do-gooder. The theme of the season represents Islamophobia and overcoming Islamophobia. The song, that plays in the background, also seems to confirm this theme.

So here is my theory. Something Sana says or does will lead to some tension or misunderstanding between Noora and Vilde. Noora will get carried away with Sana’s opinion on Vilde or she will get influenced by what Sana thinks of Vilde. Vilde’s falling pearls indicates some kind of symbolism. Pearls symbolize innocence. Falling pearls means something, that will tarnish Vilde’s reputation, will happen. Noora will either do something that would infamise Vilde or she will claim that Vilde is either bisexual or lesbian. The fact, that Eva falls because of Vilde’s falling pearls, means something, that happens to Vilde, also will affect Eva. Eva might get hurt while defending Vilde. The feelings that arise between them might be more than just friends. Vilde might be accused of having feelings for Eva, while Eva can be unaware of it. In previous seasons, Vilde claimed that she got sexually aroused when she thinks of make-up stuff. She accused of Noora being a lesbian. She made out with Eva at parties and said the feelings arise did not make her a lesbian. Presumably, first Sana, then Noora will find out about Vilde’s sexual orientation. Vilde will lose her innocence either with unexpectedly Noora or with expectedly Eva. Anyway, let’s go back to the trailer. Eva’s fall will also affect Chris. The chaos happening in the girl squad will reflect on the boy squad, especially Isak and Even. Probably, Chris will have something to do with it. Isak will try to be by Even’s side but Even will struggle with things that happened in the past. The selfie stick might be a symbol for those events to occur via social media. The reason, why Even does not use social media, might be revealed. Or a guy from Even’s past might appear on social media. Maybe, the girl squad will befriend Even’s ex crush and ex friends thanks to Sana which means the things will get out of hand.

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