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Just a theory Even was going to die

A reddit  user wrote a theory, i wanted to share with you. What do you think about it?

Ok ok, I just had the craziest thought, hear me out. SPOILERS for Romeo + Juliet ahead!!!!!

  • Isak and Even met in a bathroom, like Romeo&Juliet.
  • Isak finds an old video of Even where he says that Baz Luhrmann is his favourite director and that every epic love story should have a main character dying at the end.
  • “Talk Show Host” by Radiohead is playing both when Isak sees Even and when Romeo is introduced in the movie.
  • “I’m Kissing You” by Des’ree is playing when both Evak and R&J have their first kiss.
  • Making out in a pool while wearing party costumes (+ running from said pool).
  • Romeo always being either super depressed or super hyped/manic in the movie – he could have bipolar disorder like Even.
  • Isak being in a church when he recives Even’s suicidal-ish text and R&J commiting suicide in a church.

Also the fact that we see Isak looking for the movie, watching it (also seeing several moments of the actual movie), tearing up, and then searching for Evan on social media right after it….

Idk, seems like a lot to be just coincidents to me?

But, most of these “parallels” also stop after the first half of the season, which is also when Skam became really popular online. so WHAT IF they intended to make Even be a lot more depressed and commit suicide towards the end of the season, but then backed off after seeing how popular Evak was and opted for a happy ending?

Yes, I went really dark. But it could be? What do you think?

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