You Need To Wake The Fuck Up And Start Watching “Skam”

OK, I know how it is. It seems like everyone is always screaming, “Watch Breaking Bad/Mad Men/The Wire.” Well, I’m sorry because I’m gonna have to order you to watch another show.

It’s a Norwegian show about high schoolers called Skam. And it will consume you. You will be Skam. Skam will be you. You will forget a time before Skam.

Dramatics aside (sorry, I’m a Leo), Skam means “shame” in Norwegian.

There have been three seasons so far, and each one has focused on a different character. Sesong 1 was focused around Eva, sesong 2 was about Noora, and sesong 3 was about Isak. And here are some reasons why you should binge-watch all three as soon as you can:

1. The series deals with a lot: relationships, friendships, religion, coming out, and more.

But the best part is that Skam never dips into melodramatic preachiness. Each character is a well thought-out, fully drawn individual. When it could dip into clichés (the boy-crazy friend who has an eating disorder, the gay roommate who likes to hook up, the bad boy who had a tragic childhood), the show instead surprises you with its humanity. Everything is presented in such a realistic way that you think you’re actually watching a documentary.

The best way to describe it is as a Norwegian version of Skins but less in-your-face.

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