You Need To Wake The Fuck Up And Start Watching “Skam”

7. And if you’re not in Norway, the process gets even MORE insane.

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Skam is put on the NRK website in Norwegian. It’s not on any other platform. That means that fans around the world have taken the time to translate each episode so that people can watch on YouTube, through GIFs on Tumblr, or if you’re me, through someone’s Google Drive. Skam plays hard to get, and you love it for that.

In a cool bonus, each character has their own real-life Instagram you can follow. That’s right, you can follow a fictional character on Instagram and it’s updated in real time as if all these people exist.

And a truly shallow reason: The show has got some great style.

Maybe American teenagers dress like crap but the high schoolers on Skam kill it in the fashion department. Special shoutout to Eva’s white coat and Sana’s awesome makeup.

Oh, and as a bonus, Jonas (Marlon Langeland) has the world’s most amazing eyebrows.

Nigel Fuller is going to adapt Skam for English-speaking audiences. But if we’ve learned anything from the American version of Skins, don’t get your hopes up. So do yourself a favor and watch the original Skam — I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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