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QUIZ: Are You More Noora, Sana, or Eva?

You’re more Noora. You’re an independent thinker with a wicked sense of style. You do your best to be there for your pals and you’re never one to blindly follow the crowd. All your friends count themselves lucky to have you because they’d be lost without your humor and sharp wit.
You’re more Sana. You tend to have all the ideas and all the personality traits of a leader. You’re fiercely loyal, independent, and funny. But, enemies beware. You’d sooner ruin someone’s life before you let them make a fool of you.

You’re Eva. You’re friendly, outgoing, and kind. People are naturally drawn to your personality, and for good reason. You’re a problem solver by nature but sometimes your solutions don’t work out for the best. Either way, your pals know they can always count on you.

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