How Skam helped me with my sexuality.

I found a text from reddit and i wanna share with you.

Hi, so I’m a 20 year old male from Ecuador. Latino culture is still very conservative towards homosexuality and although now the younger generations are more open minded and tolerant towards this, there’s plenty of things to do.

So anyway, I knew about Skam at an article at a newspaper that talked about this norwegian series that was getting famous worldwide. At first I watched the videos about Evak and thought of them as a cute couple, yet I watched Skam from the beggining.

I loved Season 1 with Eva and the girls, the scene where Isak is giving advice to Eva and the shocking ending was amazing. Season 2 with William and Noora was also fantastic and the music was always amazing but Season 3 left a huge mark on me.

Since I was hitting puberty I began to feel feelings towards girls but also to boys. Sometimes I would stare to my cute classmates and felt weird when I saw a nude man at a movie, just like Isak I began to watch porn and started to watch men the same as women. I was scared through all my high school years, I even had a small sexual experience with a guy but he turned out to be a jerk, so I felt that my atraction towards men was a punishment, even something to be shameful about. Just recently in college I began to accept that I might be bisexual but still with a bit of shame. Then I saw Isak’s journey and felt the same as him. I did the same gay tests and found out how many of them were too stereotypically. I don’t know nothing about makeup, clothes or likes to act feminine, in fact I thought the same that Isak said during his conversation with Eskild. Even though I havent’ found my Even yet, it did helped to accept my sexuality as something to be proud of, not to judge the gay community because as Eskild said many of them had to die to be who they wanted to be and it helped my best friend to understand that if I like boys that doesn’t mean I’m going to act as a stereotypical cartoon. Julie, thanks for helping a young guy in another continent to be comfortable with who he is.

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