SKAM Interview 18 Jan 2017 English

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1. When will we get a trailer for season 4?
– It’s secret, says Julie Andem and Mari Magnus in unison, laughing.
2. Did Julie know from the beginning, who should be the main character in the different seasons?
– We knew from the beginning that Noora were the main character in Season 2, and we knew early in season 1, that Isak was to be the protagonist of the season 3rd
– I remember when I called Tarjei (the actor who plays Isak, ed.) To ask if he would like to play the role. He said ’Yes, but do you actually think that it is going to take that long before he comes out?’, Says Julie with the reference to the character already in season 1 showed signs of being gay.
She refuses, however, that the signs were a hint to the plot of season 3, as Julie  first wrote the screenplay for much later.
– I have to constantly reorganize the plot as the story develops.

3. Is Vilde lesbian?
– I do not want to comment on, says Julie.
Mari Magnus will not reveal anything either.
– We say nothing, she says.
4. Do you ever look in Kosegruppa (dansh fb fansite) and laugh at us and our theories? Or get inspiration?
– We can confirm that laugh, yes. We read the theories and laugh, says Julie.
She and Mari Magnus are both members of the Danish Facebook group ‘Kosegruppa DK’.
– We depend on the contact with the audience and we get inspiration. For example for the form of music and for story lines, says Mari Magnus and mentions that they also get inspiration from comments on NRK Skam page.
– Reaction on social media, when Eva was at the exam in season 2, was a clear reflection of how the girls in the series also felt she says.

5. Which of the characters, does Julie relate to the most?
– The question I have been asked many times. I can relate equally to all the characters, and it’s true. I can see myself just as much in William as in Chris says Julie.

6. What is the number to Pilsmannen?
– I think he’s in jail. ‘Pilsmannen’ is indeed real, Julie says laughing.
– When we did the interviews with girls from Oslo before we made the series, about 90 percent of them mentioned ‘Pilsmannen’ says Mari Magnus.
She explains that Julie had written him into a scene, but while filming, the actors said that ‘Pilsmannen’ went to prison a month ago.
– So we had to improvise our way through the scene, says Mari Magnus.

7. Is Julie ashamed of anything herself?
– I’m ashamed of a lot, but it’s very personal, says Julie.
– But I can certainly relate to the problems that the characters are faced with, for example, fear of not being good enough and for being inadequate.
8. What techniques does Julie used to create the safe atmosphere that may be needed to get very young actors to deliver such a great performance?
– I ask them before the season, if there are some scenes that they want to do, or if there is something that they would like to happen, explains Julie.
– I also use the humor and style of the actor and write the script to fit them, for example Jonas becomes a little more  street, than I had intended to begin with. And then it’s just good actors.

The original interview in danish:

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