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Skam Season 4 Main Character Theory 2

Season 4 Main Character. Yesterday i shared a Season 4 main character theory after this a skam fun – Bronte Roe – write that theory i like that. Bronte Roe if you send me your social media account i will share at here.

Updated: Here is Bronte’s Fb profile  thank you again.

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I sadly have to disagree. So far unless Julie changes the set up; all of the series’ have been focused on people in the group. Linn isn’t at all in the friendship groups, she’s only involved because they had the party at Isak’s otherwise I don’t think she’d be included. I think Even will be the main character (at least I hope he will be) His illness needs to be developed and although we know a little about him, we don;t know everything, which I know fans want to know and of course, who wouldn’t want another series focused on Even and Isak because I definitely want one. Another theory I have is during the Christmas episode (the last of S3), we hear the noise that is used when you send a message from Even’s phone. We have never heard anyone’s phone make that noise other than that of the main character, that could possibly be a clue also he I believe looked at the camera at the end of S3 when Eskild is messing around underneath the mistletoe. We have so much more to learn about Even even if we do already know a little about him – I really hope he can be explored further. Mental Health illness’ is so important and needs to spoken about and explored – I feel having Even as a main character can do this. But, after all, that is just my theory. ?

If you have theory about season 4 you can write your theory.

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