Season 4

SKAM season 4 to start in the end of April/Beginning of May

A reddit user shared that message. What do you think about it?

Hi, I’m in a Finnish high school and today we got a message from our teacher that YLE (Finland’s national radio who also broadcasts Skam) is looking for 5 fans to snapchat about their lives (real issues or staged) similar to Skam, and they’ll be payed 300 euros each. They will start planning together with the fans in the beginning of April and the snaps will start airing in the end of April/beginning of May. AND HERE’S THE INTERESTING PART. The chosen fans will get to see Skam season 4 episodes earlier than when they air!!!


  1. It´s True. Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, is aim to gather a group of highschool students who are Skam fans and like to snapchat about it. Skam is the most popular series in Yle online, Yle Areena.

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