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Who Is Skam Season 4 Main Character Theory

Here is a theory about Skam Season 4 Main Character. Let read together a Reddit User’s season 4 main character theory.
Hello all. I want to discuss about the main character of the new season of skam. First of all let’s look at the previous seasons Season1: Eva Season2: Noora Season3: Isak The main characters were basicly in the series but we didn’t know much about them before their season. Also, Noora was in the last scene of s1 and Isak was s2’s. If we look at the last scene of s3, there were Eskild and Even. In my opinion, Even is not likely to be the main character of s4 because we do know many things about him and he is not in the middle of the teen group in the series. I also don’t think it will be Eskild because we already had a gay season. To the point, I think it will be Linn on season 4. We were never given much information about her life and someone with depression is pretty suitable to be a major character in the series. Moreover, there is a clue that suggests the new season will be about Linn: the messages between Noora, Eskild, Isak and Linn; Eskild tells Linn that they are going to try activating her after they help Even, and that 2017 will be Linn’s year.

Here is a new theory 

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  1. I sadly have to disagree. So far unless Julie changes the set up; all of the series’ have been focused on people in the group. Linn isn’t at all in the friendship groups, she’s only involved because they had the party at Isak’s otherwise I don’t think she’d be included. I think Even will be the main character (at least I hope he will be) His illness needs to be developed and although we know a little about him, we don;t know everything, which I know fans want to know and of course, who wouldn’t want another series focused on Even and Isak because I definitely want one. Another theory I have is during the Christmas episode (the last of S3), we hear the noise that is used when you send a message from Even’s phone. We have never heard anyone’s phone make that noise other than that of the main character, that could possibly be a clue also he I believe looked at the camera at the end of S3 when Eskild is messing around underneath the mistletoe. We have so much more to learn about Even even if we do already know a little about him – I really hope he can be explored further. Mental Health illness’ is so important and needs to spoken about and explored – I feel having Even as a main character can do this. But, after all, that is just my theory. 🙂

      1. Thank-you! I do however like your theory too though, I just thought I’d comment my side. I share a Twitter account with some other girls called @evakpics. Other than Facebook, that’s the only other social media account I have. I didn’t know how to send you a message so I’ve had to comment on here 🙂 Thank-you for replying!

    1. I really like your theory, I’d love to see Even and Isak again. I agree that mental illness is a very big topic, there is much more to Even then we got to know. Even and Isak just started to feel as they were a couple. We need more of the two of them

  2. to be honest, i really hope that the main character doesnt be even. two seasons of him? nope, thanks. i like him but, i prefer that we can develop another character like sana and all her family problems or magnus. and i even like the linn’s theory

  3. It’s more than unlikely to be fair, there’s like 0,001% chance. Linn has absolutely no role in the show and even if we got some info about her in the texts, we must not forget that texts are not as important as what actually happens onscreen (because a lot of people in Norway onyl watch SKAM on tv) so it’s pratically irrelevant. Besides, she’s not in school anymore. The only one not-97 character who could lead a season is Even because there’s still a lot of things we don’t know about him and the show has defintely been hinting a lot about him. I’m not saying he will be season 4 main though, even if I now think it would be the most logical choice (knowing Sana would be S5 main and Vilde S6).

  4. I don’t think it will be Linn either. The next character focus has to be someone from the original circle of friends. Since we have already had Eva, Noora, and Isak, the only ones remaining are: Sana, Vilde, Chris or Jonas. The ones we know the least about are Chris and Sana. I think Jonas is a little too “normal” to be the focus for an entire season. They need a complex character. For me, that leaves either Vilde or Sana. I would LOVE a season about Sana. We know so little about her except for the fact that she’s Muslim.

  5. I like your theory, but I don’t think, that 4S will be about Linn, because she doesn’t include in main teenager’s group. I also hope, that 4S won’t be about Even. Two seasons about one character? No, it isn’t interesting. I think, that a lot of people want 4S about Even, because they like gays, yeah.
    As for me, I suppose, we will see Vilde in 4S. What we know about her? Almost nothing. And if we remembered about the end of 3S, about the dialog between Vilde and Magnus, we can understand, that new season can be about their.
    Well.. I’d like a season about Sana too. But yesterday we knew, that Skam will show only in Norwegian 🙁
    I’m sorry for my bad english.

  6. I’m hoping for a season about Sana or Vilde. So, S4 could be someone from the original group, but maybe Sana will be S5 and Vilde S6. And then, S4 would be about Even. But i don’t know, because Even had a lot of focus in S3 too, so i’m torn. But i think Sana will be one of the most incredible seasons.

  7. Honestly , I think it’s going to be about Vilde, we had tracks about her all season… But its just my opinion .

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